Clinical test business

Central Lab

A premium partner for clinical test that delivers high quality results!

Seegene Medical Foundation is a premium partner for clinical trials that provide high quality results through an international level of analysis system and nationwide logistics network based on the infrastructure accumulated over 30 years, providing reliable results for research projects of Universities, Hospitals, and various clinical studies for domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies.
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Researchers and Technologies

A total of 30 specialized doctors majoring in (laboratory medicine, diagnostic pathology) and PhD's who supervise the quality control, analysis and interpretation are working on the development of new technologies and the introduction of cutting-edge equipment for special test through research and development.

National network

The reception of specimen is available anywhere in the country through 30 branches nationwide and the received specimen will be analyzed on the day of arrival.

Transportation system

The laboratory strives to ensure the safety of the specimen before analysis and to completely eliminate the risk of loss. In order to ensure the safety, the Laboratory uses VIP quality material transport box to avoid the influence of external temperature and use PCM materials to maintain and monitor the specified temperature during transportation


In order to assure the result, the Laboratory has obtained certification & accreditation by joining the national and international quality management program.
Acquired internation accreditation such as CAP(College of American Pathologists), USA Acquired accreditation of domestic quality assurance program management including KSLM
(Korean Society for Laboratory medicine).

Clinical Trial

Based on the years of experience and know-how, we support the following services.

  • Assign a professional coordinator from the inquiry stage of clinical trial
  • Prepare blood collection manual for each clinical trial and train the institutions that perform clinical trial
  • Produce Sample Kit which minimizes the problems caused during the blood collection
    at the clinical trial institution
  • Strict data validation and on-line support
  • transport and storage of specimen conforming to strict storage conditions
Specimen management
Specimen administrators who have acquired expert knowledge on the storage condition and characteristics of specimen will visit to transport the specimen. The transported specimen will be stored for a specified period of time according to the specified storage conditions.
Management of results
The client can view the results of the general test via website of Seegene Medical Foundation after the request and be provided with designated ID and Password for security.
Document management
The foundation provides all the information related to the analysis after the report and provide the inter-intra quality management upon the request of client. All documents will be safely kept in the archive for the mutually-contracted period
Sample Kit provided
The Foundation will provide a specimen collection container with manual, confirmation of acceptance and label inside.

Clinical Trial Inquiry

E-mail. Tel. 02-2218-9278