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The Seegene Medical Foundation is a global disease testing organization with about 600 employees including the best masters and doctorates and clinical pathologists, which provides over 4,000 test services for clinical practice and research in the fields such as diagnosis, medicine, molecular diagnostics, pathology, and research to contribute to the health and happiness of human through accurate test, innovative research and development.

For accurate and prompt treatment in the field of molecular diagnostics in Korea, the Foundation has launched the first specialized Molecular Diagnostic Testing Center and introduced one-day test system which provides test result in a day, leading changes and innovations in the quality improvement of medical service by playing a significant role in the early diagnosis and treatment of patients.

In particular, the Busan.Gyeongnam Testing Center as a regional laboratory provides the high quality test result by securing the stability of specimen transportation while providing differentiated health services to Busan Gyeongnam area such as job creation and medical advance in the community.

In addition, as a non-profit corporation, the Foundation is actively engaged in a variety of volunteer activities to realize the value of sharing such as tuberculosis elimination in Mongolia, relief activities in the Nepal earthquake, medical services in Philippines, mobile medical service in Kenya, Africa for domestic and overseas medically vulnerable areas, developing various social contribution program and expanding links with social service organizations.

In recognition of the 26th anniversary of the Foundation's establishment, the Foundation declared Vision 2020, a global clinical testing organization, making its debut in the world.
In order to achieve quantitative and qualitative goals both inside and outside the company, all employees have implemented five core values (quality management, righteousness management, human resource development, research and development, social contribution) to provide the best medical services.

The Seegene Medical Foundation will continue to play a leading role in improving the test quality and service level as a global disease research institute with continuous research and innovation.

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