About the Foundation


The Seegene Medical Foundation is dedicated to clinical care and research in all areas, including diagnostic examination,
molecular diagnosis, diagnostic immunity, pathology, and research.

The most fundamental value of life sciences
To protect the life and health of human beings,
the Foundation with the best experts, specialists,
masters and doctors, clinical pathologists is
performing over 4,000 kinds of specimen test to
provide medical clinics and institutions with
diagnostic testing service for clinical
treatment and research
Maintain the highest test quality
The Foundation declared Vision2020 of "Global Disease
Test Institute, advancing to the world" with a mission
"To contribute to the health and happiness of mankind
with accurate test and innovative research and development.
To achieve both quantitative and qualitative objectives,
both internally and externally, all employees are practicing
the core value and the code of action.
Innovative research and development
The Foundation is equipped with state-of-the art automatic equipment and high-end physicochemical analysis equipment to
contribute greatly to the early diagnosis and treatment of patients in connection with medical institutions in the country.
Since its inception in 1990, the Foundation has participated in the quality management program administered domestically and
internationally to make foundation of technology, thinking the quality as the best value and expanding its technology and business
scope through business alliance with related organizations.

The Foundation is performing consignment test service providing a variety of medical support services including Diagnostic Medical
Test, Molecular Diagnostic Test, Pathologic Test, etc. and national projects that provides support services for the research projectes
of national organizations, universites, corporate research institues, etc. Through the strategic alliance with Seegene Co.,
Ltd., the Foundation is establishing a specialized system as a specialized institution through popularization and differentiation
in the field of Multi-molecular diagnostic test.


It symbolizes “seeing a gene” and refers to Seegene Medical Foundation’s innovative and outstanding genetic testing technologies,
which can be used to diagnose disease through genetic analysis.


The logotype of Seegene Medical Foundation is a linguistic identifier designed to display Seegene Medical Foundatio’s official organization name.
Languages other than Korean and English should not be used for the logotype, and capitalized logotypes should also not be used.


The standards Seegene Medical Foundation logo is a good combination of the symbol and logotype.
Considering the space and layout of each applicable, a proper combination may be chosen among the standard options.

Color system

The organization color system is critical to the formation of visual images and expression of originality,
because unified visual images can be conveyed through the organization’s primary colors.