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Diagnostic Laboratory Center

Provide 24-hour strictly quality controlled, accurate test results

Clinical Chemistry

Chemical method using serum and body fluids are used for diagnosis and observation of a variety of diseases. ㆍLiver function test ㆍLipid test ㆍRenal function test ㆍBlood glucose ㆍUrine test, paper test Equipment


Observing the increase and decrease in the numbers of blood cell and morphological changes, the Team performs basic and essential tests for the diagnosis of hematologic diseases. And tests are related to blood coagulation and transfusion medicine as well. ㆍRoutine blood test ㆍBlood Coagulation test ㆍTransfusion Medicine test Equipment


The Team isolates and identifies causative pathogens by using the samples collected from patients infected with various microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites, and then reports the results of antimicrobial susceptibility test to provide information for appropriate prescription of patients. All testing procedure, result analysis and reporting process are conducted in accordance to Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) Guideline.
ㆍRoutine Culture & Identification ㆍFungus Culture test ㆍVirus culture test
ㆍMycobacteria culture test ㆍParasite test


The Team performs tumor marker test, congenital anomaly tests, hepatitis tests, allergy tests, and various endocrine diagnostic tests using radioactive isotope (RIA) labeled antigens and antibodies. ㆍPituitary test ㆍBone metabolism test ㆍPancreas, digestive tract function test ㆍTumor markers test ㆍAdrenocortical function test ㆍAllergy test Equipment

Life and Environmental Science Center

The development of modern medicine and life science and
the study on the environment have become a major concern of human health.

Industrial Hygiene Analysis

- Measurement of work environment and specimen analysis - Assessment service for hazardous exposure such as noise, dust, harmful chemical substances - Improvement and consultation of work environment of industrial hygienists Equipment

Metabolomic & Inorganic Analysis

The team sets the state-of-the-art physicochemical analyzers and specialized facilities for the analysis of biological samples. Also It conducts the clinical analysis, national research projects and designated projects in the field of clinic, environment and health. [Metabolomic Analysis] Congenital metabolic abnormalities test, Vitamin fraction test, Analysis of drug concentration [Inorganic Analysis] Test of harmful heavy metals in biological samples, Clinical indicator test with heavy metal Equipment

Special medical diagnosis

[Special medical diagnosis] biological exposure indicator test [Special medical diagnosis] consultation service of occupational medicine specialist

Molecular Diagnostic Center

The Center develops new genetic test method with the latest technology,
and makes the best efforts for accurate gene diagnosis.

Molecular Microbiology

The team has implemented ‘ONE DAY Diagnostic System’ which reports
the results of molecular diagnostics in a single day for the first time in Korea
and are certified by a national standardized quality control agency for
keeping continuous quality management clinical diagnostics technology to perform laboratory test.
- COVID-19 test, pneumonia bacteria and respiratory virus test,
Mycoplasma pneumoniae Macrolide resistance test, Bacterial meningitis test,
Acute enteritis and virus test, Urinary tract infection (STI) test, HPV genotyping test,
Helicobacter pylori (Clarithromycin resistance) test

Molecular Genetics

The team has performed tests of various genetic diseases and carcinogenic genes
and DNA tests for the selection of medicines Also, it provides high-quality test result by thorough evaluation process
- Genetic disease test, Cancer gene test Equipment


The team sets cutting edge automated karyotype analysis system and provide
the fastest turn-around time (TAT) in Korea.
It performs FISH panel test of blood tumor
- Prenatal chromosome test, Hematologic tumor chromosome test, Prenatal FISH test, Hematologic tumor FISH test, Tissue FISH test Equipment


- Germline Panel, Somatic Panel, Hereditary disorder, Dementia Panel Equipment

Diagnostic Immunologic Test Center

The Center specializing in tumor marker and hormone tests


The Team provides rapid results through 24-hour testing using automated equipment ㆍCardiovascular disease test ㆍThyroid-related test ㆍHormone test ㆍDiabetes related test ㆍPregnancy related test ㆍBone metabolism test ㆍVarious virus infection markers test including hepatitis and AIDS ㆍTumor markers test Equipment

Special lmmunology

The Team uses blood or body fluids to conduct test for various infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, latent tuberculosis and cell immunity using specific antigen-antibody reaction. ㆍAuto-antibody test ㆍImmunoglobulin test ㆍLatent tuberculosis test ㆍAllergy test ㆍInfectious disease test ㆍParenchyma cell analysis test Equipment

Pathology Center

The accurate diagnosis is the most important first step for patient treatment.


Histopathology is the field which makes the final diagnosis through visual and microscopic examination of the tissue obtained from the patient through resection or biopsy. It performs hematoxylin eosin staining as well as special staining if necessary for accurate and rapid diagnosis, to help determine the direction of the patient’s treatment, and estimate the progress. Equipment


Cytopathology can be divided into two types, exfoliative cytology which observes spontaneously separated cells such as sputum, urine, uterine endometrium smear and body fluids, and fine needle aspiration cytology to collect cells by stabbing the lesion with a needle. Fine-needle aspiration cytology is easier and less painful than histology, and is performed primarily in the thyroid and lymph nodes. In addition, using a liquid cell test to prepare specimens by immersing them in a tube containing a special preservative solution can reduce the loss of cells and improve the accuracy of diagnosis by preserving the good condition. Equipment


Immunopathology is to analyze the protein expression patterns on cells using antigens and antibodies reactions. Immunopathology test is widely used as an indispensable diagnostic tool because of its simplicity, high sensitivity and specificity. It is an essential test for discrimination of detailed types of tumors, estimation of primary organ of metastatic tumor, determination of treatment strategy and prognosis estimation. Equipment


[FISH] Her-2, [FISH] c-myc, [FISH] ALK (2p23) gene rearrangement, [FISH] ROS1 (6q22) gene rearrangment