Clinical test

Clinical test

Seegene Medical Foundation provides test results in real
time via online anywhere in the country.

Clinical test business

Seegene Medical Foundation provides more than 4,000 test services for clinical practice and research in all fields including routine laboratory tests, molecular diagnosis, diagnostic pathology service, and clinical research to hospitals and clinics nationwide.
Clinical test services are available at any of its branches around the country.
Sample transport system
Transporting samples at appropriate temperatures
Thoroughly temperature management during transportation
Sample-only boxes suitable for refrigerated and room temperature
Tracking management using GPS technology transportation
Mobile reception system (STAR system)
Developed and patented for the first time in the clinical laboratory industry
Registering samples on the server after collection on site
Registration by dedicated receptionists and duplex checks
(to minimize human errors)
Nation-wide network
Branches in major cities around the country
Samples can be collected anywhere in the country
Test results can be viewed offline & online, on mobile devices
Test services
Laboratory specialists check the details of requests received
and process them immediately
Automatic computerized reception using the special program
Establishment of laboratory centers in regional areas
and real-time operation of tests

System for clinical test

검체 접수 및 분류 인력지원에 대한 체계 이미지

Nation-wide branches

검체 접수 및 분류 인력지원에 대한 체계 이미지