Clinical Laboratory test

Clinical Laboratory test

The test result can be viewed online in real time basis
anywhere in the country.

Service by clinical laboratory division

Conducts more than 4,000 tests in all areas including diagnostic medical tests, molecular diagnostic tests, diagnostic pathology tests and special health
screening tests. Request for the test is possible anywhere in the country through the nationwide network. Especially, it has established a network of sales,
laboratory network that boasts the best in the field of clinical laboratory based on the advanced clinical testing technology and abundant know-how
accumulated for decades.
Specimen transportation system
Transport at proper temperature by specimen
Thorough temperature control during transportation
Designated transportation box for refrigeration, freezing and room temperature
Tracking the location of specimen via GPS
Mobile registration system
Developed and applied for the first time using
the latest information technology
Patent application registered
Immediate registration of specimen at the pick-up site
More than 50 branch offices in major cities
Collect specimen anywhere in the country
Online inquiry of test result
Quality service
Confirm the received details by experts
Immediate process of laboratory requisition
Computerized reception interfaced with OCS
Operation of diagnostic pathology center
Operation of Busan.Gyeongnam Test Center
Real time emergency test

System for specimen collection and classification of manpower support

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