R&D Support Service

R&D Support Service

For more reliable and advanced tests,
Seegene Medical Foundation is committed to R&D today

R&D Business

Based on accumulated information from research and laboratory medicine experts, R&D Business Division, established in 2004, provides high-quality R&D support services to national institutions, universities, biotechnology-related companies, corporate research institutes, food engineering-related companies, hospitals, etc.

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E-mail. RND@mf.seegene.com
iconNational research projects
Clinical tests, collection of bio specimens, large-scale
national cohorts, national surveillance rnd, viral
disease research and infectious disease diagnosis
iconClinical test analysis
Clinical tests and special immunological tests necessary for
various clinical trials
iconEnvironmental health research projects
Analysis of harmful substances in bio specimens,
analysis of heavy metals, analysis of oxidative stress
biomarkers, analysis of metabolites, analysis of
environmental hormones and analysis of endocrine
iconSupport for clinical research analysis for personal research
Research support for master's and Ph.D. degree
Research support for presentations of academic papers at
home and abroadanalysis of endocrine disruptors
iconClinical test analysis for research
Special immunological ELISA analysis, molecular
diagnosis test (PCR / RT-PCR / NGS), clinical chemistry,
immunology, radioimmunology, etc.
Implementation of a system equivalent to National Biobank of Korea
Storage of various biological specimens in appropriate
conditions, and control of specimen storage and release
24-hour (uninterruptible power supply system) storage management
Monitoring temperature and humidity in real-time
iconProduction of human biological material resources
Production of human biological materials (serum,
plasma, DNA, PBMC, cell culture, etc.)
Storage of various biological research resources
iconHigh-quality sample transportation business
Real-time temperature and position monitoring
In-house production of a special dedicated sample transport
box for each sample