How to request test

How to
request test

Our national network enables any medical
institute in the country to request medical tests.

Reception of specimen is made on site immediately after the collection using the realtime registration
system(RRS) with the latest informaion technology. The collected specimen is handled under strict quality
management program from the transportation to report of results. In addition, the test results can be
viewed online from anywhere in the country.
  • 숫자

    Specimen collection Be sure to place the specimen in the container supplied by Seegene Medical Foundation with patient name and other information on the container.
    Please refer to the test guideline and test request form to check the adequate amount of specimen according the test item.
  • 숫자

    Preparation of Test Request Form Please select the Test Request Form according to the test item and fil out the followings. - Requesting institution : Name of the institution, department, name of physician
    - Patient information : Patient name, age, gender, chart No., blood type, clinical findings and notes (ex, gestational weeks)
    - Test item : Check V mark on the test item to request (For the items not listed on the Request Form,write the test item on the remark column at the bottom of the form)
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    Storage and transportation of specimen For safe transportation, please give the collected specimen to our staff in accordance to the storage method along with the Test Request Form.
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    Report of test results The test results can be viewed in real time basis on our website and the test result sheet
    will be delivered the next day or on the day of specimen collection.
    It is more convenient to use real time view on our Homepage. (The result can be downloaded from the View Result.)
    The test performed by schedule (by day) will be carried out for the specimen that has arrived by the day before the test.
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    Addition of test item To add a test item for the specimen already submitted, visit to our website and add item on the View Result or call Customer Center. (1566-6500)